Getting Started with ContactPigeon

Welcome on board to ContactPigeon! We've put this guide together to help you get started on our platform, so we can work towards your marketing goals. 

So you just installed ContactPigeon App, what's next?

To get you up and running, please follow the startup wizard within the platform. This wizard aims to help you set up the basic integrations with your e-store, and design your first automated triggered campaign. Within the Wizard, you'll be able to:

  • Integrate with your ecommerce shop
  • Sync with any existing contacts from your shop
  • Set a marketing goal to work on
  • Automate a triggered campaign personalized with your logo, brand, products
  • Define customer segments based on ecommerce best practices
  • Send a targeted campaign

Log-In to complete the Starter Wizard. 

If you have enabled an automation within the Wizard, and would like to learn more about how to customize the designs of the campaigns, learn more here.

Go beyond the Wizard, Next Step Starter Guide

After you have completed the Starter Wizard, you are ready to explore the rest of the platform. The following checklist will familiarized you with all our key features, from designing a campaign to growing your customer base.

The Basics

  1. Create a List - A contact list is a collection of email addresses. The lists are used as recipients of your marketing campaign. When you integrate your e-shop with ContactPigeon, your customer list will be automatically synced and carried over by default. Depending on your needs, you can always build new lists to re-organize your contacts.
  2. Add New Contacts - ContactPigeon automatically synchronizes your site visitors as they checks out, sign up with their email via a form. However, if there are other contacts are maintained outside of your ecommerce account, you can easily import the list via Excel or paste in the emails in bulk text format.
  3. Send a Campaign - A campaign is a single and targeted email blast. With ContactPigeon, you can create email campaigns with our Drag & Drop editor, or if you are comfortable working with HTML, you can import a ready made email in HTML format. 
  4. Track how your Campaign Performs - A key part of email campaign is tracking subscriber engagement and see how each campaign performs. This way you can get a sense of what works and what doesn't over time. ContactPigeon's campaign dashboard offers a comprehensive view into the core metrics of how many subscribers opened, clicked, unsubscribed or bounced from each campaign.

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