How to create and modify Contact List

A list is a group of one or more contacts, identified by email. You can build a list by importing contacts from excel or copy/pasting emails (see article), directly selecting contacts to be part of the list, or you can create sign up forms that allow your web visitors to subscribe to a list. The contact list is a key component in your marketing campaign process as it forms the basis of campaign recipients. A more few interesting characteristics about the list in ContactPigeon.

  • It is possible for a contact to be part of none, one or more lists
  • You can see all the list which contact is a part of within the contact profile
  • When you delete a list, the contacts on the list are not deleted

This article provides the step by step guide of how to create and to modify contact lists.

Create a New Contact List

Step 1. From the left side menu options, select   Contacts > Contact Lists. This brings you to a set of all visible lists you have within the platform. For new users, you will notice a few default lists - autoweb, My first list - that are part of the platform. Any visitor that joins through sign up and check out process will be added to autoweb. 

Contact lists

Step 2. Click on " New Folder" button to start a new folder.

Step 3. Pick a unique name for the new folder and define the parent folder.

New list button

Step 4. When you complete, click on " Save"to create the new folder. 

Step 5. Enter the name and parent folder for the list.

  • List name: This is the name of your contact list
  • Parent folder: You can categorize the list in a folder.

Step 4. When you complete, click on " Create list".

Create a Dynamic Contact List with Segments

With ContactPigeon you can create both static and dynamic lists. For static lists, you have just to upload an excel file (.xls or .csv) with all your contacts. You can update this kind of lists manually, by uploading excel files with new information over time.

For creating dynamic lists that will be updated automatically according to criteria that you have set you should the following steps:


Click on the "Build a New Segment" icon in the dashboard that appears after clicking on the "Add new" button.


Then you will land in the Segmentation section where you can create a dynamic list based on the criteria of your choice. You can find a detailed how-to guide in the article "How to set up a segment"


Modify Contact List

This section walks through the steps of editing a contact list (changing the list name, description, and sort order) and how to delete a contact list. 

Step 1. From the left side menu options, select   Contacts > Contact Lists.

Contact lists

Step 2. This brings you to a set of all visible lists you have in the platform.

1.Name - List Names. This can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

2. Subscribers - Provides the count subscribers within each list

3. New Folder - You can add a new folder.

4. New list - You can add a new list.

5. Actions - Provides the following:

   I. Browse contacts - See your contacts.

   II. Edit - Edit the list group name, include a short description.

   III. Use list in new campaign - Use the list in a new campaign.

   IV.  Add to favourites - Add the list to your favourites.

   V. View Stats - View statistics for the list.

   VI. Growth - See the growth of your list. 

   VII. Add contacts - Add further contacts.

   VIII. Move to folder - Move the list to a folder.

   IX. Segment your subscribers: Set criteria to segment your subscribers further based on contact profile or behavior data (e.g., browsing histories, campaign responses, etc.)

   X.  Hide: Hide the list.

   XI. Delete: Delete the list permanently. -- NOTE: THIS ACTION IS NOT REVERSIBLE!

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