Getting Started

Getting Started

Everything you need to hit the ground running.

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Contacts & Lists

Understand customer profiles. Learn how to add, edit, and manage contact lists.

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Learn how to build simple and dynamic customer segments.

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Reports & Analytics

Understanding campaign performances and eCommerce KPIs.

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Account Administration

Managing account access and passwords.

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Glossary & FAQ

Access answers to commonly asked questions.

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Email Campaigns

Step by step guides to create a campaign and track campaign results

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Pop-up & Signup Forms

Get more visitor engagements and signup via pop-ups and sign up forms.

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Automated Campaigns

Guide and tips on how to set up triggered emails.

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Push Notifications

Set up push notifications for your account and run push campaigns.

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Introduction to CDP

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Customer Insights

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Campaigns Dashboards

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eCommerce & Web Analytics

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Technical Documentations

Liquid, API, and Tracking Scripts

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