Default Contact Lists

For new users, you will have a few lists available by default for your account. This guide can be used as a reference to overview the default lists.

List Name Description
autoweb All visitors that join through the check out process or any external APIs will be automatically added to the autoweb as default, unless another list is specified. This list is created automatically and cannot be removed.
Accept marketing
(form opt-in)
A list of contacts who have opted-in to receive newsletter during the check-out process.
For Pop-Up A default list to capture all the sign ups from a dynamic pop -up form you can set up within ContactPigeon. You can rename or delete this list as needed.
Hard Bounce A list of contacts that have been added in the hard bounce category after the campaign has tried to send unsuccessfully to the contact for a certain number of times. Email with hard bounce is suppressed from all future campaign emails to ensure quality deliverability score. This list is hidden by default.
Imported BigCommerce Clients All existing contacts from your BigCommerce accounts are automatically imported into this list when you install the ContactPigeon app. This is a one-time import during the initial installation. After the initial synchronization, all new customers and contacts opt-in to the newsletter will be added to the autoweb list.
My First List This is an empty list for demo purpose. Feel free to rename, modify or delete it.
Soft Bounce A list of contacts that have been added to the soft bounce category after a campaign has failed to deliver to the contact. Soft bounce may occur for a number of reasons. Once a campaign is successfully delivered, the contact is removed from this list. After seven sent attempts, soft bounced contacts will be categorized and moved to the Hard Bounce list.  This list is Hidden by default.
Unsubscribe A list of contacts that have requested not to be contacted via the subscribe process. Unsubscribed contacts are suppressed from all future campaign emails unless the contact agrees to re-subscribe via the double opt-in process. This list is Hidden by default.
If you have created Contact Groups in BigCommerce for your contacts, all of the groups are carried over as lists in ContactPigeon on installation.

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