Ecommerce Overview Dashboard

The eCommerce Overview dashboard aims to provide a summary representation of recent eCommerce activities and trends from your website. The visitor volume, known vs unknown, cart and purchase activities are displayed in time-series representation for easy one-glance visual comparisons.

Step 1. To access the eCommerce Overview dashboard, go to Analytics > Ecommerce Overview from the left side menu.

Step 2. This will bring you to the dashboard page, similar to the screenshot below. The dashboard is comprised of 3 distinct components.

  1. Time Series
  2. Recent Clients
  3. Abandoned Carts

1. Time series

Graphical representations of the visitor, cart and purchase volumes over a time period. The chart offers a quick view of the trends of key metrics that measures the health of your eCommerce site. 

There are 6 data series that can be charted:

  • All visitors: Number of visitors to your site on a given day.
  • Known Visitors: Number of visitors who have identifiable contact info (e.g., email address)
  • Known Visitors that Added a Product: Number of known visitors who have added an item to cart
  • Visitors that Purchased: Number of visitors who have made a purchase on a given day
  • New Additions to Cart: Number of items that have been added to carts
  • Purchased: Total number of orders made

Please note that not all data series are select on default. To view specific data series, click on it within the index to add it to the chart.

You can also see the daily value by hovering the mouse cursor on the chart.

You have the option to pick 1 of the 3 ways to visualize the time series:

  • Stacked: Stacked chart displays the multiple datasets on top of one another, shows the aggregated sum of the total. It's a good way to see the relative volume of each dataset, changes in the series and when they occurred.
  • Stream: The stream view is relatively similar to Stacked. But instead of starting at 0, the data points are displaced around a central axis, resulting in a flowing shape. This visualization is helpful in quickly understanding peaks and shallow periods over time for patterns in seasonality. 
  • Expanded: The expanded chart shows the relative percentage of multiple data series in a stack, where the total of all data points always represents 100%. This chart provides an easy view of the relative proportion of each data series to the whole and how that percentage changes over time.

2. Recent Clients

This section displays the clients who have recently completed a purchase. You will find the customer contact, timestamp, order number, and order value within the list.

3. Abandoned Carts

Here all the recent abandoned carts are displayed. A summary of items count and total opportunity value can be seen in the header, along with a detailed list of the cart value, item ID, by the visitor who has left the cart without completing a purchase.

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