How to set up a welcome email after sign up

One of the most common automation you need to set up is the Welcome email (or series) after a user signs up to receive promotional campaigns like newsletters or updates from your e-shop. 

In this how-to article, we will walk you through the steps of setting up a welcome email after an unknown user signs up and becomes a known contact.

→ First, you need to create a list that houses all new subscribers (aka those who will be sent the welcome newsletter).

You can see a very detailed how-to guide for creating the pop-up list in the article Create and Modify Contact List

Then, Create the Welcome Email in our Editor

This is the actual email that the user will receive right after completing the form in the popup. Here you have to welcome them to your website and introduce them to your brand. It's also a good practice to inform them about the kind of promo material they will receive from you in the future (discounts, content, etc.), and also the frequency of the email deliveries (i.e. you'll receive a Newsletter with our latest products).

For technical details about how to create an email via our editor, see our detailed how-to guide: Build a Campaign

Note: You should send the email at least to one recipient, so you can find it later in the Sent folder.

Now We're Ready to Create the Welcome Email Automation

After we have created the pop-up form and the actual Welcome email that will be triggered after the sign-up, we're ready to create the automation flow:

Step 1:

From the left side menu, select Automation > New Whiteboard Flow (Beta)

Step 2:  

Type the name and the description of the automation in the fields "Short name" and "Description" to easily identify your automation later.

Step 3:

From the "Starting Trigger" section, drag and drop the trigger "List" into the white space.

Step 4:

Click on the blue "List" element, select "subscribed to list (list name)", and "is" from the drop-down menus. Then select the list you have already created in the steps above. In this example, our list is called "For Popup".

Step 3: Set the Delay

On the left side of the menu, scroll down and drag-and-drop the element "Delay" from the "Actions" section.

Then set the delay time - in this case, a welcome email shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Set up the conditions of your Welcome Automation

→ First, click on the pink "Go to Then" element, and select the "Autoresponse message" tab.

→ The suppression list excludes contacts from receiving the same messages multiple times. In the welcome automation, we want our subscribers to receive this message only once!

So from the drop-down menu, select "Remove from suppression list only on demand".

→ Lastly, click on the "Use an existing message" button to choose the Welcome email you created in the previous step.

Click Select

Step 5:

Once you have set up the conditions of your welcome automation, click on the "<<<Back to flow designer" icon.

Step 6:

Connect all the elements with arrows and click Save.

Press Activate and your flow is ready to launch!

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