Set up custom audience for Facebook ads

Looking to create targetted Ads on Facebook based on your visitor behavior? Now ContactPigeon's Facebook Custom Audience will allow you to synch segmented lists with the custom audience in Facebook's Ad management account. The steps below lay out how you can set up a custom audience from your ContactPigeon list.

Step 1. From the left side menu, click Contact -> Contact Lists. To link contacts from an existing list, pick the list you would like to be added as Custom Audience in Facebook and click on "Edit". 

Step 2.  Click on the edit button to link with your business Facebook account. When prompted, enter your login id and password in order to complete the FB account linkage.

Log in to Facebook
Step 3. Once login is completed, slide the Facebook Sync option from No to Yes in order to activate the contact synch with Facebook. Confirm the Facebook Ads account for which the audience list will reside by selecting corresponding Account ID. This step creates a new custom audience profile in your Facebook Ad account. Remember to click "Save" to complete the request.

Synch Ad account

Step 4. To confirm the custom audience has been properly established, log in to your Facebook Ad account. Under Audience, you'll see the new audience group with the corresponding name as your ContactPigeon contact list

Note: Please allow up to 24 hours for Facebook to fully sync with your contact list through the matching process. The relative size of contacts matched will be shown under the size column on Facebook. If too small of the audience is matched, Facebook will indicate that as well.

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