What are the pre-built Automation Ideas and how to activate them

How to activate ready-for-use scenarios

From the left side menu options, select eCommerce > Ideas.

In the dashboard, you can choose from a number of ready-made scenarios based on the email marketing strategy you want to implement. In this article, we will briefly present these scenarios, describe the logic behind and what are the events that trigger the automation.

1. Cart abandonment reminder

The cart abandonment reminder is a strategic email automation designed to re-engage potential customers who have reached the final stages of the purchasing process but left their items in the virtual shopping cart without completing the transaction.

This automated email is directed to approach customers with a clear intent to buy, triggered when a visitor adds products to their cart but fails to complete the checkout process. The reminder is carefully timed to strike a balance between gently prompting the customer to complete their purchase and avoiding any sense of intrusion.

The cart abandonment reminder email can be configured to be automatically delivered within a specific timeframe, such as 24 hours after the cart abandonment, striking a balance between timeliness and customer consideration.

2. Browse abandonment reminder

This is a similar concept to Cart abandonment, but it goes one step earlier in the purchase consideration process. It's an email that suggests products that the client has seen at least N time(s) in discrete days, and he/she has not added the products to the cart. 

By activating this automation, you increase the total amount of sent triggered emails (and hopefully the total sales) simply because users tend to browse more to web pages rather than adding products to their carts. 

In the pre-built ideas, the email reminder will be automatically delivered 5 days after a visitor abandons a browsing session.

3. Price drop reminder

This is a discount-oriented version of the browse abandonment email. When the price for a product drops, the ContactPigeon algorithm triggers emails to visitors who previously browsed this specific product.

When you have a broad product portfolio with thousands of products, it's sometimes impossible to create newsletters where you will communicate your price discounts (and this may be harmful to your brand equity as customers may perceive your brand as discount-oriented). 

With this automation, you'll send an email only to users who have shown interest in a specific product, thus increasing the possibilities for actual conversion.

This pre-built reminder will be automatically sent as the price is dropped in the product catalog to all visitors who have browsed the product within the last 3 months.

4. New merchandise

If a customer has shown an affinity for a brand or a category of products, wouldn't they like to know when a new product has been introduced? If you're into the retail business, you will find it very useful to have some standard automated emails with new products from your product portfolio. 

For example, you can separate Men and Women's collections and send triggered emails to male and female users, respectively. Or dog's food and cat's food in case of pet-shops. The combinations are quite endless in this kind of automation, so you can find what fits your business.

This reminder will be automatically delivered 4 hours after a new product enters the catalog, to those customers who have an affinity for browsing or purchasing the specific product category.

5. Post-purchase

The customer journey doesn't end at purchase. You can re-engage customers with a post-purchase email where you can both thank them for their last purchase and also suggest relevant products or give them a discount on their next purchase. 

Also, you can send surveys to measure customer happiness and ask for product reviews that can be used further in your marketing strategies.

This reminder will be automatically delivered 7 days after purchase to give the customer a chance to fully enjoy the products before soliciting a review.

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