Personalization tags (Dynamic placeholders)

In ContactPigeon, you can use dynamic tags to customize the content of your emails that are relevant to each of your recipients. 

Dynamic tags are personalization variables that allow you to display information specific to each of your contacts. While the most commonly used tags are the recipients' name and email address, you can use the tag to display any custom properties you store about the contact within ContactPigeon or your own CRM. An example of the dynamic tag in email context could be:

Hi [%name%], thanks for stopping by. You're registered email is [%email%].

Hi James, thanks for stopping by. You're registered email is

Where [%name%] refers to the first name, and [%email%] represents the email address. 

In case the dynamic reference is blank, you can also set a default text replacement so that your email still come across personable. For example, if you don't have names for your contact, you can use the following structure:

Hi [%name::there%], thanks for stopping by!

ContactPigeon will use the first name here if the text exists (e.g., Hi James) or inject the placeholder if the variable is blank (e.g., Hi there). You can set default text for any dynamic tag by inserting double colon :: and the default text within the tag. 

For example - [%name::default text%]

Pretty simple right? Try them out in your next campaign. Below is a list of dynamic tags for your handy reference. You can use them within the subject and body of the email.

Descriptive Fields

Variable Dynamic Tag Example
First Name  [%name%] Hi [%name%]!  ex. Hi James!
Last Name  [%surname%] Hello Mr.[%surname%]!  ex. Hello Mr.Bond!
Email  [%email%] Your email is [%email%].  ex. Your email is
Mobile Phone
 [%crmobphone%]  Please call [%crmobphone%]!  ex. Please call 123-456-7890
Landline Phone  [%crphone%] Please call [%crphone%]!  ex. Please call 123-456-7890

Other Customizable Tags

Variable Dynamic Tag Descriptions
Profile Address [%ADDRESDETAILS%] Displays text within the Address section of your account profile.

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