How to set up Javascript tag to track website analytics?

ContactPigeon uses client-side Javascript integration (a JS tag similar to Google analytics), to help you track website behavior, email statistics, eCommerce history, and live streaming of web clicks (e.g., including add to cart, checkout, category browsed, purchase, etc.). With this information, you will have insights on customer profiles and preferences in order to better target and personalize messages for re-marketing purpose.

Setting up the Javascript tag is one of the most vital steps in settling up ContactPigeon App for the first time. The guide below outlines the steps of adding the Javascript code snippet to your e-shop template.

Step 1. Follow the onboarding steps to the Snippet Installation page after installing ContactPigeon app.

Step 2. Copy the entire code snippet by clicking on "Click to copy to Clipboard". Alternatively, you can copy and paste the entire code provided on page.

Copy snippet

Step 3. Click "Open Store Template Panel" to access the footer template (footer.html) of your e-store in a separate window.

Access store templates

Step 4. Scroll towards the bottom of the footer page, and paste (CTRL+V) the code to the end of the document. Click on "Save" to save the snippet, and Close the window.

Paste code

Step 5. Return to the snippet page earlier, and click on "Verify" to confirm if code has been successfully added.


If you need any assistance with adding the code snippet, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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