How to set up a cross-sell campaign

Step 1. Create the scenario

From the left side menu options, select  eCommerce > Product Suggestions

Step 2. Select "Cross-sell promotion" and click Continue

Step 3. Set the time interval

Type the timeframe in the "Not older than (days)" field box. You can also filter the number of visits by filling in the  "How much is N?" field boxThen click Next Step

Edit the description of the scenario and click  Generate code. The scenario code will appear.

Step 4: Insert the code into the dynamic campaign

Now that you have generated the code, you can move on and create the template for your cross-sell campaign.

Create a new campaign as you learned in the Build a new campaign article. Start modifying your template with the editor to design the layout of your choice (e.g. images, logos, text)

Then, drag-and-drop the Product Grid element from the menu on the right in the body of the email.


Select how many columns and rows you want 


Activate the scenario box (there is a drop-down menu where you can find the scenario you have created in the previous step)


Select the scenario you want and click Next.

Then, change the settings of the product template. You can change the color of the title, the price, the CTA button, and type a CTA text of your choice.

When you have finished designing your campaign, click Save & Continue.

To test it, send it to your email and ensure the quality of your email.

Step 5. Set up the automation campaign

From the left side menu options, select Automation > New Whiteboard Flow (Beta)

Create the automation 


Type the name and the description of the automation in the fields "Short name" and "Description" to easily identify your automation later.

From the "Starting Trigger" section, drag and drop the trigger "On pageview" into the white space.


Click on the blue "On pageview" element, select "product code (sku)", and "is" from the drop-down menus. Then type an asterisk (*) in the last field. The asterisk means that someone visited at least 1 product.


On the left side of the menu, scroll down and drag-and-drop the element "Delay" from the "Actions" section.

Then, click on the element and set the delay time according to your preference.


On the left side of the menu, drag-and-drop the element "Date check" from the "Conditions" section.

With this filter, you will exclude from the automation people who completed a purchase during your set timeframe (e.g. 2 days). That will prevent you from spamming your subscribers.

Click on the element and set the parameters as shown below.


Click on the pink "Go to Then" element and select the "Autoresponse message" tab.

→ The suppression list excludes contacts from receiving the same messages multiple times. In the price drop reminder automation, we want our subscribers to receive this message again.

So, from the drop-down menu, select "Remove from suppression list after the selected number of days", and type your preference.

Lastly, in the same step, click on the "Use an existing message" button to choose the cross-sell campaign you created in the previous step.

Then, from the pop-up window, select the campaign you created previously.


This campaign should always be created in advance or before the creation of your Automation.

Click Select.


Once you have set up the conditions of your cross-sell automation, click on the "<<<Back to flow designer" icon.


On the left side of the menu, drag-and-drop the element "Stop and exit" from the "Actions" section.

Place the "stop and exit" action next to the date check condition and connect the arrows as such.

Click Save.

Press Activate and your cross-sell automation will be active!

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