Set up a "Web Version" of the Campaign

Every email sent through our system generates a web-hosted version that can be viewed in a browser. When creating an email, you can include the web link to your message, so recipients who can't view HTML in their email platform or who have turned visual images off in their client can view the complete design.

The web version enables the following:

  • Makes it easy for readers to view your email as it was intended regardless of the limitations of their email client. 
  • Makes your email much more readable on mobile devices. 

Adding a Web Version Link to Campaigns

Using Campaign Editor: When using the ContactPigeon Campaign Editor to create your campaign, drag and drop the " Pre- Header" element into the email content. This adds a header section that includes the pre-header text and a web version link by default.

Add Custom Tag: Place a link with the following ContactPigeon tag [%ARCHIVEURL%]. Alternatively, you can insert it directly as an HTML. For example:
<a href="[%ARCHIVEURL%]">View this email in your browser </a>

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