Manage campaign folders

A campaign folder is a grouping of campaigns. This feature helps to better organize sent campaigns and is instrumental in improving the efficiency of accessing them. Any email sent without an associated Campaign Folder is placed within the Default Folder. Other default folders that comes with ContactPigeon are Archive (where all archived campaigns reside) and My Templates (if you have marked any campaign to be a template, they will sit here).

This article guides you through the following:

Create a custom campaign folder

Step 1. From the left side menu options, select Campaigns Sent Campaigns. This brings up a list of all sent or canceled campaigns.

sent campaigns

Step 2. Select the image next to Folders

Step 3. This brings up a prompt to give a name for your folder. Enter the name, and click "OK". This will generate a new folder. Select the drop-down menu of the folders list again to verify that the campaign folder has been successfully created.

Name folder

Move or archive sent campaigns to a folder

Step 1. Return back to the sent campaigns. Locate the campaign you would like to be categorized. Click on the " Move to Folder" button to the right of the campaign.

move sent campaign

Step 2. In the pop-up form, select the destination (target) folder you would like the select campaign to be moved to. This function also allows you to archive a campaign by "Move to archive or save a favorite campaign template by "Move to custom templates" directly.

select folder

Edit or Delete a campaign folder

Step 1. Go to Campaigns > Sent Campaigns. From the Folders drop-down menu, select the folder you would like to modify or delete. This brings up all the campaigns within this folder.

select folder to edit

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find options to edit folder name or delete the folder. 

  • To Edit: Change the name of the folder by directly typing into the textbox. Click "Save" to confirm.
  • To Delete: Click "Delete". -- This action is NOT REVERSIBLE.

edit or delete folder

Please note: Deleting a Folder does not remove the sent campaign. For record archival, the sent campaign cannot be deleted. You can choose to archive the message instead. Once a folder has been deleted, all sent campaigns within the folder will return to the Default folder. 

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