Dashboard: Web Analytics

The Web Analytics Dashboard is a powerful tool revealing crucial insights into web traffic and user interactions with your website. This dashboard, akin to GA4, stands out with ContactPigeon CDP's unique advantages:

  • Inclusion of First Party Data: Unlike GA4's design limitations, ContactPigeon CDP consolidates all cookie, device, and user data, creating a unified 360-degree customer profile.
  • Non-Sampling Data: While GA4 samples your data, ContactPigeon CDP provides a comprehensive analysis by utilizing 100% of available data.

Overview KPIs

Delve into the fundamental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that offer a holistic view of web traffic and audience engagement:

  • Sessions: Total number of visits, irrespective of the device used by the user.
  • Unique Users: The count of distinct users visiting your website during the selected time period.
  • Added to Cart: Total cart additions recorded within the specified period.
  • Known Users: The number of users recognized by ContactPigeon, identified by an associated email address.
  • Purchased: The count of completed purchases during the specified timeframe.

Traffic Summary

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