Dashboard: CDP Drill Down List Engagement

The CDP Drill Down List Engagement Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a specific segment (list). The report lends insights into growth performance, top-performing channels, and marketing/commercial KPIs for in-depth analysis and evaluation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Uncover a series of structural KPIs tailored to the selected segment and timeframe:

  • Current Contacts: Total number of contacts within the specific segment.
  • Current Subscribed: Total number of contacts not in the "do not contact" status.
  • New Additions: Number of newly added contacts in the selected segment for the current date range.
  • Non-Unique OR%: Total number of opens over total number of messages sent to the list audience. This can be over 100% since a message can be opened multiple times.
  • Unsubscribed Within Period: Number of users who unsubscribed from messaging services during the selected period.
  • Unsubscribed: Total number of unsubscribed users.

List Growth

This chart represents Visualize the incremental growth of the selected segment daily through a graph representation, showcasing the increasing number of contacts.

90 Days Growth

Similar to the previous graph, this visualization illustrates the segment's growth on a daily basis but on a fixed 90-day scale.

90 Days Unsubscribes

This depicts the unsubscriptions performed by previously acquired users within a fixed 90-day scale.

Performance for the Last 30 Days

This table is similar to the Audiences List Performance and provides the commercial KPIs for the selected segment (Revenue and Orders). The active contacts should also be observed for a fixed 30-day time window. The "Web Active Contacts" column indicates the number of contacts from the selected segment that interacted with the website/eShop during the last 30 days.

Orders for Period

This visualization shows the distributed performance by communication channel for the selected segment, focusing on purely commercial metrics such as Revenue generated, Customers acquired, and Orders made.


A table showcasing the performance of Email and SMS communication channels for the selected segment and current time range.

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