Anatomy of a CDP Dashboard

This section delves into the intricacies of ContactPigeon CDP's dashboards, offering a comprehensive understanding of each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) alongside visualizations to enhance clarity.


Every dashboard comprises two main sections:

Filter Section

Filters enable you to specify one or more conditions to focus on the data you want to analyze. The most common filters on every dashboard are the "Current Date Range" and "Previous Date Range."

Date filters on dashboard

You can start your dashboard exploration by selecting date ranges that will be universally applied to comparisons and analyses.

Data Visualization Section (aka Looks)

This section comprises tiles of data visualizations (or Looks), allowing users to interpret and analyze information seamlessly. Each tile represents a set of metrics, and can be used on other dashboards as well as for further exploration.


Most KPIs and visualizations offer an embedded comparison value. This corresponds to the percentage change between the "Current Date" and the "Previous Date" selected in the filters.

The comparison is a useful indicator of how your metrics are performing relative to the comparison date period.


ContactPigeon CDP empowers users to create custom alerts for nearly every visualization. This feature ensures swift responses and timely feedback for C-Level and business owners. Alerts can be configured to trigger based on predefined conditions, such as a significant drop in revenue compared to the previous week.

Updates & Customization

ContactPigeon CDP is a dynamic work in progress, mirroring the continuous evolution of the ContactPigeon platform. Irrespective of the version or release you're currently exploring, anticipate ongoing updates, additional features, and optimizations in the pipeline. One of the core advantages of CDP lies in its capacity to handle substantial data volumes, accompanied by a native feature for tailoring solutions to each client's unique needs. This ensures a 100% delivery on business and commercial requirements, provided the corresponding data is supplied.

These fundamental aspects lay the groundwork for a seamless and insightful exploration of ContactPigeon CDP's dashboards. In the subsequent sections, we will embark on a detailed journey through each dashboard, unraveling their specific KPIs and visualizations for a richer understanding.

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