Valentines Day Email Templates

Don’t limit your horizons! Just because you aren’t a flower shop or a lingerie e-shop you don’t have to exclude a Valentine’s Day theme from your newsletters. Everyone love V-Day! Surprisingly enough, statistics in U.S. show that 3% of the total expenditures are pet owners buying gifts for their beloved little friends!

So, spread your love to your customers using ContactPigeon’s help for this Valentine's Day. Our team came up with these ready to use email templates for Valentine’s Day that can be used very easily for creating lovely emails for this special day. Just follow the instructions and you're ready to go (and save some time for being with your loved ones as well 😊 )


Version 1

download .html }


Version 2

download .html }


Version 3

download .html }


Version 4

download .html }


Version 5

download .html }


Version 6

download .html }

Version 7

download.html }

Version 8

download.html }


Step 1. Follow the first 2 steps as described in the article Build a Campaign

Step 2. Select HTML Code tab

Step 3. Select "Rich text html editor"

Step 4. Click "Source" button

Step 5. Copy the html code from the .txt file to the editor. Then click again "Source" button.

Step 6. Click the "Next" button. 

Then click again to go back to "Step 2: Content" (sorry for the inconvenience here..). 

Then click the "Click here to edit" button and you will land on our editor page where you can modify the template (change text, product images etc). 

For a quick introduction to our email editor just watch this video!

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