How to segment your recipient list based on website activity

In the 4th step of your segmentation selection, you have the opportunity to filter your list according to website activity. This option is only available to you if you have successfully added the ContactPigeon .js tag. You can apply:

  • General conditions 
  • Product based conditions 
  • Advanced conditions

 In this article, we'll guide you  on defining the filters you can use for your segmentation. 

General conditions

First. click the "General conditions" tab to expand all the filters of this category. For each filter, you can select the exact value as well the timeframe for applying this filter. More specifically you can filter contacts based on:

The exact URL they have visited
The title of the page 
References from other urls  
The number of product pages visited 
Products added to the cart 
Number of orders or purchase value (choose from the drop-down menu)

You can use all these filters separately or different combinations of two or more.

Product based conditions

To minimize options, please unclick on the General conditions tab and then click the "Product based" tab in order to expand the filters.  You can filter contacts based on:

Products seen
Products added to cart 
Purchased products 
Exact URL of the product added to cart 

When selecting the information about the product you can have more specific options from the drop-down menu. This information can be:

  • SKU
  • Product name
  • Category name
  • Brand name

Advanced condition

The 3rd tab is for more advanced settings. More specifically, for narrow down according to:

Country/ city/ state 
Special triggered events on specific url

Negative Conditions

You can also use negative conditions for your segmentation by selecting filters from the "They have not" section.

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